Tuesday, 11 February 2014

6 weeks left

So I am still on 60mg a day of the Epuris and I only have 6 more weeks to go before I can start weaning! I cant believe its been 3 months already.
So far I haven't had an major side effects since upping my dosage. The rash, or eczema, on my hands did come back but not nearly as bad and I've been using Vit E Oil as well as moisturizing a lot and that makes a huge difference.
My headaches haven't come back but I am a lot more tired and cranky. I am in the middle of my winter semester in uni and have 2 midterms coming up as well as a few assignments. So that stress might be part of my crankiness.
I'm still breaking out a bit...I have 3 on my face, 2 on my shoulder and a few lingering on my neck but so far my complexion is better than it has ever been. The inflammation has gone down and my scars, while still there, aren't as noticeable. I will even go out without makeup and I feel confident and beautiful.

Friday, 10 January 2014

2 months in

Well, that hand rash turned out to be a side effect from the Accutane and my Dr. dropped my dose back down to 30mg. I am doing great on that and the rash has gone away.
I am still breaking out on my jawline and neck but even with me being on a half dose, I feel I am showing some major improvements.
I had another checkup today and my Dr. wants to up my dose again, back to 60mg. She said if the rash comes back or I have any other issues that I feel I can't tolerate, then we I can voluntarily drop back down to 30mg and continue with that for the rest of treatment. I will have to be on Accutane for 6-7months rather than the 4 months I was originally told but I still feel that isn't too bad. I guess we'll see what happens with the 60mg and go from there.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

And back to one.......

Pill a day. I started getting this rash on the back of my hands and while it wasn't itchy or hurting it was quite ugly looking so I called my Dr. and asked her if this was in fact a side effect and what I could. It is a side effect of the Accutane and she is now having me go back down to 30mg dosage. I'm happy about that as a few things were happening. My headaches were back and much worse this time. I didn't mention this to her because my son was sick and for all I knew I was too. But since Im back down to 30mg no headache so to me that signals that the higher dose was causing the headaches. Also, while my skin had adjusted to the higher dose in terms of dryness, I was breaking out again. Mostly on my jawline and neck but a bit on my shoulders as well. They were all big painful cyst like pimples and man did that suck!!! I was just getting used to having clear-ish skin and bam, I'm breaking out again.
I will have to be on a longer treatment plan as my doctor plans to keep me on a lower dose. Once Im done with the 30mg Epuris, I have a Rx for 40mg Accutane and I think that's what she plans to keep me on for the remainder of the treatment. I really don't want to be on this any longer than need be but with the lower dose I have fewer side effects and I was staying clear, so if this is how it has to be, well then I will just deal with it.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

And now i take two.......

Pills that is. I am now up to a 60 milligram dose and to be perfectly honest I'm a bit more nervous about this. I'm not exactly sure why I'm more nervous about taking the 60 milligram rather than just starting the whole process altogether but I am. I wonder if it has to do though with possible side effects happening now that I am taking a higher dose. Whatever it is im trying to stay positive.
My skin seemed to adjust to the 30 milligram dose within about 10 days so im hoping the same will happen this time as well. My lips are still dry but I have been using Aquaphor and this stuff really works to help keep my lips feeling good. My headache still come and go but they are not near as bad as they were when I first began. Like I said before, they were never really bad just more annoying than anything else. My skin seems to be more sensitive and a little dryer so I have been putting on lotion twice a day and I have been using the St Ives cranberry seed oil and grapeseed oil intensive moistureriser plus vitamin E oil.

On a very positive note I have seen absolutely zero new pimples or black heads or any kind of break out of any kind. This is absolutely new to me and I cannot explain how awesome it feels to not be worrying about that!!! I still have some old pimples but they are healing nicely. But even with those old pimples I find that I feel more confident in my face and I even went out without makeup today and didnt feel near as self concious as i have in the past.  Its a nice change & could definitely get used to this 😊

Friday, 15 November 2013

Just Observing.............

As I started with my new cleanser/toner/moisturizer it occurred to me that this is the 1st time in many years, more than I can count, that I am using a product that contains oil. Yep everything until now HAD to be oil free. No if ands or buts about it. If I did I broke out in the worst way. And I'm not worrying about using certain lotions on my shoulders or chest. I use all natural lotions but I still had to be careful with which ones because I would break out.
But not anymore because for the first time in a very very very long time I have NO PIMPLES on my shoulders or chest. Not 1!! I am so stoked about this!!!!
For my body I have been using St Ives Intense Therapy Lotion with Cranberry Seed and Grape Seed Oil plus I have been adding in either coconut oil or Vit E oil to help with dry skin. My boyfriend hates coconut so I use the Vit E when I know he'll be around. Both seem to work equally well and are not making me break out.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

One week in.....

So, I am one week into to taking Accutane.
The day after I started I got a new tattoo because, and some of you might not have thought of this as I hadn't, they highly recommend no tattoos during your course of treatment and for 6 MONTHS AFTERWRDS. I love tattoos (I have 7 now) and so almost a whole year of not being allowed made me want to rush out and get a whole bunch lol But instead I got just one.
I am still on 30mg of Epuris once a day. I take it in the evenings with supper and a full glass of water. So far the side effects have been minimal and nothing I wasn't expecting. My skin is drier as are my lips. I have also noticed a bit of dryness in my eyes but haven't need drops just yet.
I will be starting with a new cleanser/toner/moisturizer tonight. I will be using Biophora's Calming Cleanser, Calming Toner and Vivier LEXXEL Moisturizer. Hopefully this will help combat some of the dryness I'm experiencing. If not, I will be looking into getting some Tamanu Oil as I have heard great things about it, especially for those with acne prone skin.
The only other side effect I have felt are headaches. They haven't been awful, just mildly annoying.

So, for just a bit of extra moisturizing, things so far have been going well. I still have some fears about what may come once I start taking 2 pills a day but I am trying to stay positive and not worry about things that haven't happened.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Day 1

Hello Hello!

Well, if you are reading this you either got here by chance or you are dealing with the dreaded acne as I am and want to see how this turns out.
I can't blame you because with all the controversy surrounding Accutane, it's nice to be ale to hear from others personal experiences with it. I am also doing this for myself. This was a very difficult choice for me and I feel like blogging about it will help me not only get through it but also in the end seeing how far Ive come with make the journey that much more worth it.

I'll fill you in a bit on me and why I finally decided to choose this route.

I am 33 and a mother to two amazing kids. I also go to university full time, teach a preschool sports class and volunteer my time in various other activities not to mention chauffer my kiddos to theirs.
I have had cystic acne since I was a young teenager and while some years have been better than others (Id kill to have the skin I had during my first pregnancy), it has never gone away. I also have acne scarring that makes me very self conscious. That will get fixed eventually. First things first, get rid of the acne.
I have tried every over-the-counter wash, cream, toner or gel. Not to mention higher end ones such as Neostrata, Pevonia, Vichy & Biophora.
I have tried what feel like every prescription I could. To include; birth control pills, tetracycline, minocycline, Differin Gel, Benzaclin, RetinA, Retin A Micro, Tazorac & sulfer. I also tried microdermabrasion which I have to say, combined with the Biophora products made my skin better looking than ever but alas, I still got painful red pimples.
Its tough because you get your hopes up and you pray and beg and plead with the universe to just make your skin clear & beautiful!!!
So this leads me to where I am today. I had been offered Accutane before but always refused feeling that it wasn't for me. I was terrified (and tbh still am) of the side effects and thought that as I got older my acne HAD to improve. Well, I'm 33 and I'm still breaking out like a teenager. I have thought about this until my head felt like it was going to explode. I have Googled this more than I should have, read 100's of reviews, articles and studies on Accutane. I am not happy that it has come to this but I feel like I am backed into a corner here. Either keep dealing with my breakouts or try something that could potentially give me the clear skin I wish for.

I got my blood test and since all is a go, I took my first pill this evening. I felt like that guy in the Matrix, blue pill or red pill. Take the Accutane pill or don't.
I am taking Epuris and starting off with a 30mg pills one a day for 2 weeks then up to 2 30mg pills a day. I was told I might experience some stomach upset but I took it with supper and so far so good. The only other thing I have noticed it my nose feels slightly drier. I know that seems quick BUT I have a dry nose in winter as it is so I've been fully prepared for it to get really bad and to experience some nosebleeds. I have never been one to carry tissue with me but I already have some travel packs for the car and my backpack.
I wont be updating every day as I just don't have time but my goal is to post an update once a week.

I will also be adding pictures but I still have makeup on and want to give you guys a clean face so you can see what we're dealing with here :)